Expert Solutions for Smarter, Happier Organizations

Dr. Kris Lea helps organizational leaders and decision-makers improve efficiency, productivity, and happiness in their workplaces. Through organization development, change management, and training and development activities, Dr. Lee helps clients expedite their goals.

This video was originally posted by the BBB serving Sacramento & Northeast California.

Video Transcript:

Hi my name is Dr. Kris Lee and I’m the president and founder of Kris Lee Consulting Group and my business is helping my clients to have organizations that are more efficient productive and happier places to be Michael is to help organizational leaders and decision-makers to identify challenges and opportunities that would improve the operations and I do this through specific types of services Organization development organizational change management and training and development activities so when my clients work with me they always say that I helped them to expedite their goals even faster than they could do it by themselves I’d love to work with you so please visit my website to set up an appointment.

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