The Distinction Between Organization Development & Change Management with Dr. Kris Lea

Dr. Kris Lea, the President and Founder of Lee Associates, discusses the similarities and differences between organization development and organizational change management. Organization development is the practice of working with an organization to understand how they are getting their work done and achieving their mission. It is primarily a diagnostic process that helps leaders inside the organization understand what is happening. Organizational change management, on the other hand, is the practice of helping an organization implement changes once they have decided on their future state. It involves managing the people side of changes along with the technology side. An example is given of a client that needed to improve their reporting capabilities and how the process of diagnosing the problem, purchasing new software and implementing it, exemplifies the difference between the two practices.  This video was posted originally by the BBB serving Sacramento & Northeast California.

Organization Development: Understanding how an organization works


Hi I’m Dr. Kris Lea and I’m the president and founder of Kris Lea Consulting Group today we’re going to talk about organization development and organizational change management; what is similar and what is different about those two practices. So sometimes these terms are a little confusing. I’ll define them first organization development is work with an organization to understand how things are working how

00:00:31 They’re meeting their mission and getting work done so an organization is simply a group of people that are trying to get something done and organization development work is primarily diagnostic work to help to help the leaders inside that organization understand what is happening and that would happen before change management work or organizational change management work organizational change management work is the practice of helping an organization once they’ve

00:01:01 Decided exactly what they want to do to reach their future state exactly how to get the entire organization to their future state so it’s secondary to organization development so here’s a really good example from one of my projects I had a client that they were having a very difficult time extracting the data for reports that were required from them in terms of the costs of projects that they that they were responsible for and this lack of

00:01:30 Reporting capability was really a systemic issue there was technology that was missing in their environment to actually do the work that they needed to do so the process of diagnosing the fact that they didn’t have the right workflows or they didn’t have the right technology in place that is diagnostic that is OD work now the outcome of all of that in this example was a decision by their leaders to spend the money to put out an RFP to

00:02:00 Actually purchase as an enterprise system project management software that they really needed to be able to plan their projects and then actually account for the time spent the labor account and all of the other expenses in a very very accurate way so this enterprise software implementation that project now becomes an organizational change management project this is leadership deciding on a particular decision yes we’re going to

00:02:29 Spend the money yes we’re gonna have this particular software and then a change management team will actually wrap around the project management team to make sure that the people side of all of this change happens along with the technology site thanks everybody I really appreciate your attention it was good to have a chance to share the difference between organization development and organizational change management