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Creating Healthier Organizations

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More productive

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Organizational Change Management (OCM) helps organizations to rapidly reach their desired future state with a project management approach.


Organization Development (OD) helps organizations can better understand their current state with assessments and actions to meet future goals.


Training and Development work that is dedicated to specific job-related skills and management and leadership skills.


Welcoming opportunites to speak for groups large and small, goverment agencies, and private organizations. Open to podcasts and guest interviews.

When an organization is healthy, a balance is met between what is good for people and good for the organization
– the organization thrives.

How Healthy is Your Organization?

Check your vital signs

As individuals, we take the time to pay attention to our bodies’ signals, which shouldn’t be any different for organizations.

How well does your organization look for signs of health?

Our Clients

California Department of Corrections Rehabilitation
California Department of Water Resources
Napa County California
California State University Sacramento
Lang Associates
CPS HR Consulting
California Department Health Services
California Department of Conservation
Sacramento Steps Forward

Dr. Kris Lea


Dr. Lea is passionate about operationalizing organizational health. Her recent dissertation work fueled her desire to help organizations to apply a human-centered approach to managing organizations, enabling both individuals and the organization to thrive.

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