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Organizational Change Management (OCM) helps organizations to rapidly reach their desired future state with a project management approach.


Organization Development (OD) helps organizations to better understand their current state through assessments and interventions to help identify their desired future state.


Training and Development work that is dedicated to specific job-related skills and management and leadership skills.


Welcoming opportunites to speak for groups large and small, goverment agencies, and private organizations. Open to podcasts and guest interviews.


When an organization is healthy, a balance is met between what is good for people and good for the organization
– the organization thrives.

How Healthy is Your Organization?

Check Your Vital Signs

As individuals, we take the time to pay attention to our bodies’ signals, which shouldn’t be any different for organizations.

How well does your organization look for signs of health?

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Kris Lea is one of my favorite colleagues to work with. As a lifelong learner, Kris brings a pilot-to-program approach and can-do attitude to all of her work. She is particularly excellent at finding, developing, and executing tailored solutions to complex client problems. Her program design and project management skills are outstanding. Most importantly, however, she is a delight as a Thought Partner, team player, and champion of change. I cannot recommend Kris highly enough; she is simply amazing.

Marco Cassone

Change Manager, Finance Transformation Office, Cisco

Kris is one of the more dedicated OD practitioners out there – bringing both her curiosity and state-of-the-art practice to her consultations. She is also a connector! Her friendly and forthright approach brings people from all walks of life together for collaboration and the creative generation of ideas for implementation. Along with her “can-do” attitude, Kris is a valuable team member and I’ve enjoyed working with her over the years.

Nanette (Nan) A. Cowardin-Lee, PhD

Affiliated Program Director, Alliant International University

Dr. Kris Lea


Dr. Lea is passionate about operationalizing organizational health. Her recent dissertation work fueled her desire to help organizations to apply a human-centered approach to managing organizations, enabling both individuals and the organization to thrive.

Consultant     Trainer      Thought Leader